Monitoring the world’s espresso machines and measuring our love of coffee, in the cloud.

What is Coffee Cloud?

Coffee Cloud helps suppliers to understand how their espresso machines are being used, giving them the precise information to ensure quality and profitability.

It all began over a cup of coffee

Coffee Cloud was set up by Miroslav Kovac, a coffee bar owner and electronics engineer, in 2010. As it has evolved, it’s expanded to ensure even greater quality and assurance.

Pitch at Techstars METRO Accelerator Demo Day 2016

How can it help you?

Coffee Cloud gives you a direct overview of how your espresso machines are being used, ensuring and maintaining the quality of what you produce.

In action

Coffee Cloud is a plug and play device that monitors espresso production in real time. By improving upon both quality and quantity Coffee Cloud can help your business grow.

It’s designed for coffee producers, roasters and distributors to optimize their business all the way from delivering the beans, to the finished product that fills your coffee cup.

See how it looks like

Our application you can find here

Screenshot of dashboard


Precise coffee cup counting - prevents employees from under-reporting revenues

More control

Coffee quality control and diagnostics (machine repair, cleaning and usage statistics)

Better process

Coffee distribution control; electronic processing and controlling of the market


Remote (SMS and web) espresso machine control

The stats

Increased revenues

Avg. increase of


Units sold

So far...


Customer savings

In 5 years


Beans used